Need help understanding memcached stats

Scott Newman snewman18 at
Mon Feb 12 15:09:22 UTC 2007

I'm new to memcached, and I'm having trouble understanding what the
numbers in the stats output. I looked around, but couldn't find much
documentation beyond misses and hits.

If anyone knows of some documentation, or would be willing to explain
what the numbers represent, I'd be grateful.

Here are the stats I'm looking at. I can't tell from looking at them
if my cache is tuned well.

STAT pid 1815
STAT uptime 235303
STAT time 1171292111
STAT version 1.2.0
STAT pointer_size 32
STAT rusage_user 3.765427
STAT rusage_system 11.224293
STAT curr_items 601
STAT total_items 5378
STAT bytes 12735133
STAT curr_connections 47
STAT total_connections 303
STAT connection_structures 62
STAT cmd_get 286958
STAT cmd_set 5378
STAT get_hits 281577
STAT get_misses 5381
STAT bytes_read 75947133
STAT bytes_written 1068293702
STAT limit_maxbytes 268435456

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