key collisions

howard chen howachen at
Wed Feb 14 14:15:40 UTC 2007

On 2/14/07, Dave St.Germain <dcs at> wrote:
> hi, mark,
> I'm having the same problem with key collisions with the python
> binding, and I was wondering if you've made any progress.  I haven't
> been able to reproduce the problem in a test, but in production,
> we'll encounter the problem all of a sudden after a while (the only
> "solution" so far is to restart memcached).  The server returns the
> wrong value for the requested key.  Not only that, but if you try a
> get_many for key 'foo', you may get a response that has key 'bar' and
> its value.
> Since I haven't been able to reproduce this behavior in a test, I
> don't yet know if it's the python binding or memcached itself.
> Does anyone have any ideas?

pls provide a sample codes for us to test.


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