Which way is better for running memcached?

Jm lists practicalperl at gmail.com
Fri Feb 16 04:19:02 UTC 2007

Got it.Thanks for all the kind helps!


2007/2/16, Travis Boucher <tbone at nexopia.com>:
> Jm lists wrote:
> >>
> >> The second way is almost certainly better because you will be able to
> >> bundle more keys together in a "get" request when you want multiple
> >> pieces of data. Requesting two keys in one "get" request is *much* more
> >> efficient than requesting one key in each of two requests.
> >
> > Steve,sorry I can't understand the words above.
> > Can you kindly help give a more detailed description?
> > Thanks again.
> Instead of sending 2 get requests, one to each instance, you can send a
> single get for both keys.
> Personally we use multiple instances on single machines for a few reasons:
>     1. We have 5GB instances, which is hard to deal with on 32bit
> machines, so we split them into 2.5GB instances each.
>     2. Multi CPU
>     3. We have a second set of smaller memcached instances for larger
> instances (full page caching).  This helps the slab allocator so it
> doesn't have to maintain so many different sets of sizes.
> However, for simple setups, fewer instances can be better since you can
> bundle requests for multi keys in few requests (and less latency).

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