See expired keys?

Reinis Rozitis roze at
Wed Feb 21 11:17:46 UTC 2007

> Mostly I'm wondering for the keys that I don't set expiration for: are 
> they being pushed out of cache? Or do I
> actually have plenty of room, and I can store a lot more. I'd like to know 
> either at what rate am I pushing out non-
> expiring keys, or what is the average lifetime of a non-expiring key 
> before it gets pushed out of cache.

Use the getExtendedStats() command and compare the returned 'limit_maxbytes' 
(which is the memory amount you have set up for you memcached) and 'bytes' 
which is the actuall memory amount memcached is using right now. If they 
differ a lot you have plenty of room ;)

By comparing 'curr_items' (current objects in mc) and 'total_items' (objects 
in whole lifetime of memcached) you can get the idea if there are keys and 
how much that were pushed out.


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