Implementing Memcached on EC2

Erik Osterman e at
Thu Jan 4 17:25:11 UTC 2007

Vincent van Leeuwen wrote:
> On 2007-01-03 15:42:48 -0800, Erik Osterman wrote:
>> We could use tinc, which provides fullmesh routing, but we'd
>> still have the single point of failure for authorization (I believe).
> No you don't, tinc doesn't have single points of failure if properly set up. 
> Just make sure each node knows of more than one other node for the initial 
> connection. Once a first connection is made the other hosts are 
> auto-discovered.
> That said, tinc certainly isn't perfect, and I'd be hesitant to tunnel
> low-latency packets over it. Once the persistent connections between all hosts
> are in place everything runs fine, but when connections fail (for whatever
> reason, mostly network problems) and have to be reopened you have extra
> latency and packet loss at that time. We're very happy with using tinc between
> various networks, but we don't do any high-performance (be it latency or
> bandwidth) data over it.

Thanks for that useful bit of data. We'll keep that in mind, if it comes 
down to implementing it....

Erik Osterman

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