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Fri Jan 5 19:25:29 UTC 2007

I see two possible problems.  First ­ as you note ­ the client needs to deal
with the increase too.  I¹m not sure which one you¹re using but for most
implementations, the default read -buf  size for GET results is 250+1 so, if
memcached is returning results like:
    VALUE very<250>long_key 0 3\r\nxxx\r\nEND
It very well may be the case that the client punts after scanning ³VALUE
very<250>² without seeing either space (\b) or CRLF (\r\n)

Second, if you have spaces in your URL this will cause similar problems.
The client will take the following:
    VALUE http://url/key/with white space 0 3\r\nxxx\r\nEND

as the value for key ³http://url/key/with² and not finding a corresponding
client request for that key will  most likely discard it.

On 1/5/07 11:08 AM, "Renato Silveira" <renatosilveira at> wrote:

> Hi,
> I´m using memcached as a URL keyword cache. The url is the key and the cached
> object is a string with relevant keywords of the site. Well, it´s working fine
> for my purpose. The only problem is the limit of key size to 250 bytes(because
> there can be url bigger than 250 bytes). Well, I tried to increase the value
> of the constant KEY_MAX_LENGTH to 2048 bytes. I recompile memcached and it´s
> not working. Should I have to make any modification on the client API? Does
> anyone can helpme with this issue?
> tks!
> Renato

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