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Ian Kallen spidaman at
Sun Jan 7 16:51:15 UTC 2007

Wow, you measured the time required to SHA-1 and MD5 a URL and determined
that calculation time is a bottleneck? Given modern CPU capabilities versus
network and disk latencies, I would find that very surprising.

On 1/7/07, Renato Silveira <renatosilveira at> wrote:
> Thank you all for the answers!
> First of all I´ll try to increase the key size as Steve said. Because, the
> application that I´m working is perfomance oriented, so I think that we
> would have some problems with the overhead of Sha or MD5.
> I´m using java api of memcached as the client. The problem of whitespace
> in the url is solved because the client api use a URLEncoder in the key
> before the store the objects.
> Well, as I´ll try this first approach and I tell you if it works!
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