unix socket,php

Roberto Spadim roberto at spadim.com.br
Fri Jan 12 09:29:41 UTC 2007

but, how can i connect to memcache using php extension?

Ivan Krstić escreveu:
> Roberto Spadim wrote:
>> i found that memcache work with sockets (-s sockfile) and tugela cache
>> don't (ok, i will use memcache)
>> but php extension just have connect for (host,port), how to connect on a
>> unix socket?
> Obviously, connecting on unix domain sockets doesn't scale if you have
> more than one memcache server. If you're only running one server, then
> 1) you probably don't want to be using memcache, as using a database
> table or flat file will be faster, and 2) the speed difference between
> unix domain sockets and loopback TCP/IP will be negligible for almost
> all practical purposes, as loopback I/O hits the network stack's fast
> paths inside modern Linux kernels.

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