concerning server list management, connection pooling

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Thu Jan 18 02:03:06 UTC 2007

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> The code I wrote for consistent hashing can be used even without its
> integration into the client library (if you use the consistent hashing to
> build your servers => [...] list passed to the client constructor...).

You have code!  Link?

> But eventually it'll be integrated.  You might take a stab at that if you
> have time?

Time is always scarce, but it's important to me to have a solid
implementation of the consistent hashing algorithm, and I'd prefer to have
it integrated as upstream and seamlessly as possible so everyone benefits
(and everyone tests :).  Since I want it, I'm willing to do what I can to
make it happen.

> As for connection pooling:  what exactly do you mean?  The server does
> epoll/kqueue... just keep a ton of connections open from every
> mod_perl/php process on all machines.

Yes, well... I apologize for my ignorance.  I know that event based systems
scale connections effortlessly, but I assumed I'd still hit a limit with
dozens of web servers and dozens of memcaches, perhaps imposed by the
operating system.  I did more poking around in the list archives, and found

"If you're using modern FreeBSD or modern Linux (Linux 2.6), you can have
tens of thousands of persistent connections per process without a sweat."

So, never mind - a persistent connections' life for me.


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