is it possible to store an array in memcached

Alan Jay alanj_sw3 at
Thu Jan 18 23:05:14 UTC 2007

Thanks everyone for your comments.  


I had assumed that it should do it but when I try in my very simple example it
didn't behave the way I expected (only seemed to put a NULL into the space).
Anyway now that I know it should work as I expected I'll have to go back to my
very basic PHP understanding to find out how to do it.


We are using the pecl-memcached interface.


Your comments have been very helpful and I think I have worked out what I was
doing wrong so thanks everyone (it turned out to be a simple issue that in
modifying the code to work with memcached I inadvertently closed a section of
code which deleted the array I was trying to save moving a } a few lines made
all the difference)  Once again thanks for the guidance for a beginner. 



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