successive writes are lost

Jan Pfeifer pfjan at
Wed Jan 24 21:54:58 UTC 2007


I was re-running some performance test, after a friend commented that memcache lost some writes  in some cases. 

noticed that if I do a program to write 50k entries (keys are the
number 1 to 50000 in string format, and values are a 100 chars string)
in a 500mb cache (enough space), I only get ~65% of them written
(according to "stats items" and to the cache miss ratio I get after

But, if I do a 10microsec pause in between each write, they all get through without a problem.

edited the server, and adding a few printf's I noticed that item_alloc
and slab_alloc are called the 50k times, and return an ok results

any ideas of what is happening, and how can we avoid this ? 

thanks :)

- jan

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