server sent data for key not in request

Philip Neustrom philipn at
Wed Jan 31 05:49:53 UTC 2007

I've been having similar issues with cmemcache.  I've also noticed
that it kills the process when it can't contact the memcached (or it
goes into an infinite loop).  This is no doubt due to how it deals
with libmemcache, which is logging/error-message heavy.

I saw an earlier email about some PHP bindings that wrapped
libmemcache that had similar issues, but it didn't go into much detail
about how stuff got fixed.

For now I'm switching back to

--Philip Neustrom

On 1/30/07, mark <rkmr.em at> wrote:
> hi
> i am using cmemcached which is a python wrapper for libmemcache:
> I get this fatal error message regularly:
> [FATAL at 1170222010.740685] mcm_fetch_cmd():1176: memcache(4) protocol error:
> server sent data for key not in request
> can you tell what i should do?
> thanks
> mark

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