How to serve images from memory?

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Mon Jul 2 17:10:08 UTC 2007

On 02/07/2007, at 6:48 PM, Steve Grimm wrote:

> On 7/1/07 5:59 PM, "Cathy Murphy" <cathy at> wrote:
> > In Apache, is there a way to serve images from memory instead of  
> disk?
> The easiest way is to make sure your server has enough memory for  
> all the images (which you’d obviously need anyway) then just let  
> the OS’s buffer cache keep all the files in memory. You can mount  
> the image filesystem with the “noatime” option or equivalent (check  
> your OS’s docs to see what it’s called in your environment) to  
> prevent it from writing out the last access time when a file is read.

We tried this with Linux 2.6.(15) (or something around that version).  
The file system cache didn't seem very efficient with lots of small  
(We also set noatime)...

In the end Squid caching in memory with Lighttpd was the quickest  
solution we could find.
BTW: Squid caching to disk was slower than Lighttpd pulling the data  
from disk.

> It doesn’t guarantee you no disk accesses, of course, but it’s MUCH  
> easier to set up than the alternatives and for most purposes should  
> offer you about the same performance.

I would like to try lighttpd with mod_mem_cache in the near future to  
replace the squids...(nothing to do with memcached)


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