new .net client for memcached

a. a at
Fri Jul 6 11:41:45 UTC 2007

we could argue which is more complete. my personal opinion is that  
ported code usually doesn't take advantage of the target platform,  
but mirrors an implementation which was tailored for the source  

even if .net and java are similar, a code written for java can under/ 
over perform on .net.

additionally i did not feel comfortable with the architecture of the  
ported code, mainly with the locking and server pool handling.

the description page on code plex is not finished yet (my bad), so  
let me list the main features of my client

- it's configurable thru app/web.config, no more 10-20 line init  
codes for the client
- written specially for .net, not ported, using the latest features  
of the framework
- better (hopefully) locking providing better throughput
- uses consistent hashing for keys (based on ketama, found on the  
list some months before)
- keys are hashed using FNV hash, much faster than md5 and have  
better dispersion than the Object.GetHashCode()
- operations are factored into separate classes, so they are more  
separated from the main client class, easier manageability and thread  
- more clients -> more options -> more competition -> better clients


On Jul 6, 2007, at 1:29 PM, Antonello Provenzano wrote:

> Thank you for the support, but honestly I don't see the advantage of
> using your library rather than Memcached.NET
> (, that is more
> complete and based on the Java client.
> Cheers.
> Antonello
> On 7/6/07, a. <a at> wrote:
>> hello list,
>> Previously I mentioned I had to create a client for one of my
>> projects from scratch.
>> I'd like to announce that I've released it under a BSD like license
>> at
>> The state of the project is "works for me", but there can be bugs in
>> it, so do not roll out in production before trying it out ;]
>> If you have questions or comments feel free to comment me directly,
>> or ask on the list if your question might concern others.
>> a.
>> --

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