Hackathon / Multidimensional keys / Wildcard deletes

Jan Miczaika jan at hitflip.de
Fri Jul 6 13:14:16 UTC 2007


I saw these proposed features for the Hackathon. Unfortunately I can't take in person, wrong continent for me.

I would like to suggest a feature which would probably address these issues well: tagging keys. Each key would have 0...n tags assigned to 
it. Flushing keys could be done by asking memcached to flush all keys with a certain tag.

The usage scenario: lets say we have a DVD. We have a number of keys related to this dvd, maybe recommendations, comments, categorization 
etc. I could tag each of these keys with the id of the DVD (dvd:1234). Then I would tell memcached to flush all keys with the tag dvd:1234, 
causing the database to recalculate all data relating to dvd 1234 on the next access.

Zend implemented similar functionality in their new framework:

The wildcard deletes could be done this way, more efficiently than looping through the whole cache to see if a regex matches. Multidimensional arrays could be partially simulated by using tags.

I hope someone is interested ;-)



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