backup and restore cache image

Brian Moon brianm at
Fri Jul 6 16:56:13 UTC 2007

Mimmo DF wrote:
> Thanks,
> I think that a "frozen" image of cache is faster to recharge and
> lowest resources consuming.
> I understand that this functionality isn't the best way to use a
> caching manager but otherwise this would allow to speed up the
> starting of my application.

IMO, if you rely this heavily on the cache existing then it is no longer 
a cache and memcached is not the proper tool.  And I am not saying this 
to be a smart ass.  We came to the same decision and moved much of the 
data we previously had in memcached to MySQL Cluster.

We still use memcached to cache content and data, but the system must be 
able to survive without it.  It runs better with memcached in the mix, 
but it still runs quite well if disaster happens and memcached is empty.


Brian Moon
Senior Developer
It's good to be cheap =)

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