System architecture best practices - memcached + webfarms

Don MacAskill don at
Mon Jul 9 23:32:13 UTC 2007

We use these as memcached boxes with 32GB, and they rock.

We didn't replace our older boxes, though, because part of the beauty of 
memcached is having disparate sized boxes in the same pool.  As our 
older boxes kick the bucket, we'll probably remove them permanently, 
rather than replace them, but for now they stay.

They can do 64GB, but you need to use 4GB DIMMs, which are still fairly 
obscene price-wise.


Earl Cahill wrote:
> FWIW, I just bought one of these, which can hold 32 gigs of ram (16 x 2)
> So, that might replace fourteen or fifteen of your two gig boxes.  They 
> say the box can support 64 gigs, but I am not sure I believe them.
> Earl

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