Hackathon - thanks Facebook!

Don MacAskill don at smugmug.com
Tue Jul 10 17:28:48 UTC 2007

The Hackathon turned out to be really awesome, and just wanted to thank 
our hosts, Facebook, for giving us space, power, food, and some great 
insight into how memcached is used there.  Thanks guys!

I was in on the binary protocol discussion, which turned out really 
great.  I see Brad's already posted the notes.  I'd love to hear how the 
other groups did if anyone's feeling like posting, though.  (I had to 
leave a little early - pregnant wife called).

I was telling Steve that we should try to make these a regular 
occurrence.  I think Sun is next up at bat, but I'm happy to host at 
SmugMug sometime after that to keep the ball rolling.

Thanks again Steve & Facebook!


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