Hackathon - thanks Facebook!

Marc Marc at facebook.com
Tue Jul 10 19:14:25 UTC 2007

Second that.  I have to confess I was pretty leery about doing a
design-by-committee protocol, but everyone involved had great insights and I
think the end result is far better than anything we at facebook could have
cooked up on our own

> The Hackathon turned out to be really awesome, and just wanted to thank
> our hosts, Facebook, for giving us space, power, food, and some great
> insight into how memcached is used there.  Thanks guys!
> I was in on the binary protocol discussion, which turned out really
> great.  I see Brad's already posted the notes.  I'd love to hear how the
> other groups did if anyone's feeling like posting, though.  (I had to
> leave a little early - pregnant wife called).
> I was telling Steve that we should try to make these a regular
> occurrence.  I think Sun is next up at bat, but I'm happy to host at
> SmugMug sometime after that to keep the ball rolling.
> Thanks again Steve & Facebook!
> Don

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