binary protocol notes from the facebook hackathon

Jure Petrovic fonz at
Tue Jul 10 20:25:56 UTC 2007

How could anybody *not* agree on such decisions? 
Any expectations about performance gain with binary protocol? 


On Tue, 2007-07-10 at 16:23 +0000, Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:
> It was also mutually agreed that:
>    * the binary protocol would be the one most "core" implemented in
>      the server, performance being most important
>    * the ASCII protocol will live on, unchanged, but will be moved
>      into protocol_ascii_compat.c, or similar.
>    * we're all willing to take a speed-hit on ASCII protocol if we
>      have to (may not be needed), if the compat code isn't quite
>      as efficient as it is now.  code readability/maintainability
>      more important.  plus our time making binary protocol faster
>      more important.  ASCII viewed as debugging aid, or for low-CPU
>      solution for old clients.
>    * will most likely add a HTTP protocol as well, implemented in
>      protocol_http.c or something.  not to be exposed to the world,
>      but still a lot of use cases for internal-network-only.
> With that, the notes... 

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