binary protocol notes from the facebook hackathon

Dustin Sallings dustin at
Tue Jul 10 21:22:55 UTC 2007

On Jul 10, 2007, at 13:54 , Tobias Lütke wrote:

> Before finalizing the protocol I
> think it would be smart to either implement this facility and design
> the binary protocol with this in mind or formalize a future safe
> extension mechanism.

	All the details aren't in a spec yet, but the binary protocol is  
extensible.  There's a single byte for commands, and this is a  
natural place to provide extensions.

	There were a couple of interesting multi-invalidation options  
briefly discussed.  We should figure out which one makes the most  
sense in a different thread.  Choosing how to express it within each  
protocol is the easy part.  :)

Dustin Sallings

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