binary protocol time representation

Dustin Sallings dustin at
Thu Jul 12 16:38:45 UTC 2007

On Jul 12, 2007, at 5:16 , a. wrote:

> If my server runs DST but one of the clients is on CET, and the  
> client sends 2007-07-12 12:00 AM, what does it mean? 12:00 in DST  
> or CET?
> We either should declare that absolute expiration should treated as  
> UTC, or get rid of it and use relative expirations.

	Unix time has no timezone.  Timezones are just used when displaying  
or parsing times.

	Does anyone expire based on absolute time?  In those cases, is it  
difficult to compute the duration until that time occurs?  If it is,  
can it be the job of the clients to provide this shortcut?

Dustin Sallings

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