Hi! My first post

P R E M prem_somanin at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 16 13:08:43 UTC 2007


Hi, I am Prem and this is my first mail to this forum. I am trying to use memcached for my web-application and have few questions.

How is distributed caching achieved in a grid setup ?  especially when I run more than one application server in a grid. 

Based on my understanding, each app-server will run its own client and each will maintain its own hash to map the server to the client request.
How will all the client synch this hash data ?? 
Or do I have to run the client as a separate instance , kind of virtual server and direct requests from all app-servers to it, which will inturn maintain a hash map through which it identifies the server containing the data using a key ?

If I am not clear, please get back to me.


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