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dormando dormando at rydia.net
Tue Jul 17 18:30:48 UTC 2007

 > If I were building a FAQ in a wiki I'd make each question be it's own
 > page, make links to them from a FAQ page.
 > One thing you could do with a socialtext wiki is create the individual
 > pages, tag them with "faq" and then have another page where use use
 > {category-list faq} to list the recently changed pages in that category
 > with some other text context. There's a ton of stuff you can do with
 > tags, wafl and searches that's not immediately obvious and the docs
 > don't do a great job of exposing.

I hadn't even botherred reading the help page for socialtext ;) You want 
to start splitting it up, maybe? I'll probably play around with it later 
tonight, but it'd be great to have a head start.

 > disclaimer: I work for Socialtext so anything you like is because of me
 > but anything you don't like it's not my fault! :)
 > If there's something the people using the wiki would like to do but
 > don't see a way to do it, it might exist of I might be able to point out
 > an alternative, so feel free to ask me.

Just need more people to contribute good stuff to the wiki. At least, up 
front that's all it seems to need.


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