c# client hangs on shutdown

bradrover brking at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 14:14:37 UTC 2007

I ported over to the new Enyim .Net client and  now have no more issues. In
general, this client code is much cleaner and behaves a lot better than the
Java port.

bradrover wrote:
> I can not get a clean .Net app shutdown for a simple console app. I can
> not call Shutdown on the IO pool until the process is unloading because my
> class library is used by many kinds of applications, including web apps.
> The problem seems to me that the c# memcached client code creates the
> maintenance thread as a foreground thread. Unfortunately this prevents me
> from ever getting an AppDomain.ProcessExit event where I can call
> SockIOPool.GetInstance().Shutdown(); Obviously I can change my copy of the
> published c# client code to work this way, but is there some reason this
> was made as a foreground thread ? Sorry if this is not the right list, but
> the c# client forum is very very dead.

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