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James Mortensen james.mortensen at
Wed Jul 18 14:23:32 UTC 2007


Yesterday I submitted a question to the mailing list, but did not see my
post appear in the daily digest; however, I have noticed that Alexander
Shvedov and a few others are having the same problem that I was having.

I was trying to store a Serialized Custom object called TestObject in the
cache.  I implemented Serialized, and submitted the object to the cache.
Although the object appeared to submit to the cache properly, I was getting
null values when I tried to pull the object from the cache.

I'm using Apache Tomcat 6.0.10 with Struts 1.3.5.  Tomcat has three areas
where you can place JAR files to be included in your project.  Originally, I
had placed the java_memcached_${ver}.jar file in the
${tomcat-dir}/common/lib Tomcat classpath directory.

Placing it in the application's classpath WEB-INF/lib folder, the problem
disappeared, and I can now successfully pull these objects from the class.

I hope this post makes it to the mailing list and that this information can
help someone else.


James Mortensen
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