A problem when running two memcached on a machine

John.H xiaocong.hust at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 01:54:00 UTC 2007

Well,I am using Debian OS
and I am running two memcached at one time,listening port 11211 and 11212
I start the two process with these cmd
$memcached -d -u root -m 1500 -p 11211 -c 2000
$memcached -d -u root -m 1500 -p 11212 -c 2000

The problem is when I use C# client to put the same item(500KB) into the two
memcached I found it is only can save 1500 items before the server is full
in one memcached but another can save almost 2005 items.
can anyone tell me how this happened?

Regards for all tips.
Thanks a lot.
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