memcache PHP session handler redundancy

Martin Minka martin.minka at
Wed Jul 25 16:19:33 UTC 2007

hope it is ok to post to this mailing list also regarding memcache as 
PHP session handler. I believe that there is a lot of sites with load 
balancing who uses memcache for sessions.

The session handler is using power of more memcache servers to store 
sessions, but it does not support redundancy and in case that one of 
this memcache servers is lost, some sessions are lost.

I submited a request about new functionality to bug forum of the PECL 
package (because I did not found better place where to submit it).
If you are interested please review it at and submit your comments. Hope 
that somebode from the PECL team will add redundancy to the code in near 

Martin Minka

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