Cache miss stampedes

dormando dormando at
Wed Jul 25 22:16:02 UTC 2007

Brian Moon wrote:
>> Just throwing out ideas. Thoughts?
> Well, we have moved to MySQL Cluster for the bulk of the data that was 
> giving us this problem.  We had major issues when anything on the front 
> page was not there.  As for the cluster data, its just there or its not. 
>  We don't use the pulled cache method for that anymore.
> Mostly we use memcached now for proxy caching content and for caching 
> web services data from 3rd parties.

Thanks for all the responses ;) I updated the FAQ with more details 
based on this. If it's incorrect please go edit.

I'll stop flooding the FAQ in another hour or two. I hope it's a good 
enough start to motivate other folks into undoing my damage. It's time 
I spent more time writing code elsewhere :)

I'm sure the OSCON BoF might produce plenty more interesting details for 
the wiki (which unfortunately I missed this year). Someone should 


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