Server and Hardware Configuration

Sascha Braun - CEO at Braun Networks sascha at
Thu Jul 26 17:05:26 UTC 2007

Dear People,

I have running a Celeron 2400 Processor with 512 MB Ram and
a 80 Gig Harddrive.

The Processor and the Harddrive might still run fine, but
what about the mem, I have repeating problems with mem-
cached, because its only possible to connect from time
to time, to the server.

Did somebody allready implement a fallback solution for
the usage of memcache? How does it look like? I thought
about it, tried it, but it seems, that I will have to
write all objects to my local harddrive, if I want to
create a fallback solution.

Did somebody do that allready, or do I have to do it on
my own?

Thank you fellows.

Best Regards,


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