Server and Hardware Configuration

Sascha Braun - CEO at Braun Networks sascha at
Thu Jul 26 17:50:15 UTC 2007

I dont really know what diagnostics I can do.

I wrote a web application which makes strong usage of the PHP5 autoload
functionality, as well there is an mysql server and apache2 in use.

As most of the contents are stored in xml files on the harddrive, and
mysql is only used as a file allocation table as well as a search in-
dex, lots of filesystem calls are done, while all xml files have to
get found in the mysql database as well, before it can get displayed.

I was able to change be behavior now a bit, so I first look, if the
document is allready found in the memcache, if not, the file is getting
looked up in the database, then the filesystem is getting back checked,
if the file exists, then the xml file is getting loaded into the memory
and is getting displayed by the classical php/html facilities.

Thats nearby it. Still the application is build in a way, where all
configuration informations are read from xml files as well. But only
on module or better said autoload of an object, which now can nearby
can get avoided, because the configuration files and the classes are
now all getting stored in the memcache as soon the objects are needed.

I hope the explaination was well enough :))

Best Regards,

Mr. Brown :))

Am Donnerstag, den 26.07.2007, 10:33 -0700 schrieb Dustin Sallings:
> On Jul 26, 2007, at 10:05 , Sascha Braun - CEO @ Braun Networks wrote:
> > The Processor and the Harddrive might still run fine, but
> > what about the mem, I have repeating problems with mem-
> > cached, because its only possible to connect from time
> > to time, to the server.
> 	It's not possible to know why without knowing how you've configured  
> it and what you're doing with it.  What diagnostics have you tried so  
> far?

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