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Sascha Braun - CEO at Braun Networks sascha at
Thu Jul 26 18:35:49 UTC 2007

How many request at the same time can memcached handle?

All my screentexts are getting loaded from memcached as well
as all configuration files and datasets.

Mediadata I left out, this time :))

Every page is consisting of a couple if hundreds requests.

Am Donnerstag, den 26.07.2007, 11:19 -0700 schrieb Dustin Sallings:
> On Jul 26, 2007, at 10:50 , Sascha Braun - CEO @ Braun Networks wrote:
> > I dont really know what diagnostics I can do.
> 	``memcached -v'' is a good start.  If it's unbinding or something  
> due to too many connections, it'd tell you.  Lots of rapid  
> connections can run you out of ephemeral ports and cause the client  
> end to fail.  netstat, lsof, etc... are all useful diagnostics tools  
> when analyzing network services.
> 	At some point, if something's failing, it must give you an  
> indication as to why it's failing.

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