Cache miss stampedes

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Fri Jul 27 23:41:12 UTC 2007

This is totally the wrong list, but...

Gearman:  low latency, failures/retries done by client (who's waiting,
perhaps on dozens of things in parallel).  No disks involved.  Just load
balancing function calls inside your network.

TheSchwartz:  high latency.  retries done by system.  database(s)
involved, thus disks.  use for long/slow tasks like sending email or SMS
or video transcoding, etc... gearman is for calling functions elsewhere on
your network while you wait.

Both complement each other wonderfully.  Neither is going away nor being
folded into the other.

On Fri, 27 Jul 2007, Timothy Appnel wrote:

> I'm confused by all this talk of Gearman. I thought TheSchwartz(ugh)
> was a better and more reliable version of Gearman that is meant to
> replace it? I'm pretty sure that was the explanation we got on the MT
> lists.  This all came up when it was mentioned that TheSchwartz is
> being used in MT4 and there was a collective groan about the naming of
> that package. Some of us have to stand in front of corporate clients
> and say "we are using TheSchwartz to..." with a straight face an hope
> they take us seriously. We're all looking forward to explaining that
> it has nothing to due with Mel Brooks, but an inside joke they won't
> get. Anyway, I think some clarity on Gearman vs. TheSchwartz and their
> paths going forward would be helpful. <tim/>

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