update on proposed hackathon dates

Matt Ingenthron Matt.Ingenthron at sun.com
Tue Jul 31 06:54:04 UTC 2007

Hi all,

So far the following have responded along with what dates work best
for the next hackathon:

                  Thu     Mon     Tues     Fri     Fri
                 Aug 16  Aug 20   Aug 21  Aug 24  Aug 31
Chris Hondl               X        X       X       X
Dormando          X       X        X       X       X
Paul Querna       X       X        X       X       X
Dustin Sallings   X       X        X       X       X
Brad Fitzpatrick  X       X        X       X       X
Sanjay Manwani    X       X        X       X       X
Roy Lyseng        X                                X
Victor Kirkebo    X                                X
Maheedhar PV                               X       X

If you've not responded already (or find yourself unexpectedly missing
from the list), please drop me a note.  As previously mentioned, we'll
probably try to anchor the event around key contributors to be sure we
stay productive.

Take note that the 31st is also the Friday before Labor Day weekend here
in the US.  I would not be offended if anyone wanted to rescind that as
a date they'd be okay with.  :)

I've also updated the wiki:


It could use some more proposed ideas (even if they're just
continuations from the previous hackathon-- could someone who attended
the last hackathon copy up the most appropriate items).

The last few on the list are Sun engineers who have expressed interest
in attending/contributing.  I've asked them to jump in on the proposed
ideas too.

- Matt

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Sun Microsystems, Inc. - Global Systems Practice
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