restarting every night?

Steve Grimm sgrimm at
Thu Jun 7 15:45:28 UTC 2007

Which memcached version? Which system architecture (AMD64, etc.)? Which
libevent version? If you were running it on a 64-bit architecture, was it
compiled as a 32-bit app or a 64-bit one?

Our memcached instances are all 13GB and they all run until we have to take
the machine down or install a new version. We compile in 64-bit mode and
memcached happily chews up all the memory we throw its way.


On 6/6/07 1:01 PM, "Brandon Ooi" <brandon at> wrote:

> Hi,
> We've seen corruption too on some older linux kernels (2.6.11) with
> memcache instances larger than 2gb (no idea why) this would cause weird
> issues and if we kept using it would eventually crash by themselves
> after a few days. we saw this on 4 different machines. When kept under
> 2gb they seemed stable. Perhaps this is your issue?
> Brandon
> Brian Moon wrote:
>> andrew at wrote:
>>> A friend of mine says he restarts his memcached servers every night
>>> because after a few days the data gets corrupted.
>>> Is this common practice?  Does anyone have experience running
>>> memcached for months on end with no data corruption?
>>> Thanks.
>> STAT uptime 5610211
>> That is 65 days.  And we took it down then to physically move the
>> server.  We don't even think about it.  It just runs.  No issue with
>> "data corruption", whatever that means.

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