Next Major Memcached release / roadmap?

André Cruz andre.cruz at
Sat Jun 16 07:17:00 UTC 2007

How about different caches on the same memcache servers? We would  
like to have a pool of several memcache servers and use them for all  
our projects. Each project accessing memcache would supply a  
"context" with the memcache operations so that key collisions didn't  
happen between projects..

Just a thought...


On 2007/05/30, at 12:47, Paul Lindner wrote:

> I've been thinking of where memcached is now and where it might go in
> the future.  I was hoping the community could come together and define
> a roadmap of possible features to be added/incorporated in future
> memcached releases.
> Some patches that are floating around and are not yet committed
> include:
>  * non-expiring entries patch from Paul G
>  * Ring buffers patch from Nathan.
>  * Append data to existing entry from Filipe
> Also I have tasked myself with integrating some of Hi5's custom server
> code into memcached.  This code would include variants of the
> memcached storage architecture and some possible background worker
> threads.
> Open issues that need consensus:
>   * Protocol changes -- do we want to extend memcached protocol to
>     support new features?  If so, what is the logical way to do this.
>   * "Magic" values?  Do we want to allow some kind of mapping of
>     client data to variations in server behavior?
>     For example the non-expiration patch allows you to configure a
>     value that results in a non-expiring item.
>     Others have proposed that special features be enabled for a common
>     prefix -- say all keys that have a  "ringbuffer:" prefix use that
>     code path / storage engine..
>   * How do we accomodate new features without affecting performance.
>   * More? I'm sure there is..
> Hopefully this gets things going.  I hope we can agree on the right
> approach so we can incorporate as many community contributions as is
> possible and feasible.
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