procedure for upgrading memcached with a single server

Harry McIntyre mcintyre321 at
Fri Jun 1 11:14:23 UTC 2007

I have been wondering about the best way to upgrade versions of our
memcached server without losing all the cache at once. We have a single
server at the moment. If we wanted to take the server down to upgrade we
would lose the entire cash.

Would the following scenario help?

Server is running several memcached daemons on different ports/ethernet
We compile the new version of memcached on the server
for each daemon d{
 kill d
 start a new daemon using the new version on the same port as d
 wait a bit for the cache to fill

If so, does anyone know how to
1. configure multiple instances using memcached.conf
2. make one version and start it while another older version is still

thanks for your help!
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