restarting every night?

quasi quasilists at
Sat Jun 16 11:31:00 UTC 2007


We are using memcached 1.1.2 and libevent 1.1.a and we too have some
memory leakage and data corruption.  We have HP boxes with EM64
processors and RH Enterprise Edition.  This occurs for caches above 2GB
size.  Till very recently we had only 2 Gb caches and so had not noticed
this problem.


Brandon Ooi wrote:
> Hi,
> We've seen corruption too on some older linux kernels (2.6.11) with
> memcache instances larger than 2gb (no idea why) this would cause
> weird issues and if we kept using it would eventually crash by
> themselves after a few days. we saw this on 4 different machines. When
> kept under 2gb they seemed stable. Perhaps this is your issue?
> Brandon
> Brian Moon wrote:
>> andrew at wrote:
>>> A friend of mine says he restarts his memcached servers every night
>>> because after a few days the data gets corrupted.
>>> Is this common practice?  Does anyone have experience running
>>> memcached for months on end with no data corruption?
>>> Thanks.
>> STAT uptime 5610211
>> That is 65 days.  And we took it down then to physically move the
>> server.  We don't even think about it.  It just runs.  No issue with
>> "data corruption", whatever that means.

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