Next Major Memcached release / roadmap?

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Mon Jun 18 23:49:07 UTC 2007

On Sat, 16 Jun 2007, Marc wrote:

> The main thing I¹d like to see fixed in memcached is the wire protocol.  I¹d
> like to see the ASCII protocol rationalized and an additional binary
> protocol.


> As I mentioned in an earlier post, I¹d like to eliminate commands like stat,
> version, and a few others in favor of exposing those things as well-known
> keys in a reserved part of the key namespace.  So rather than rationalizing
> the stats command, just make it a 'get __stats__' get request.

I still like that idea.

> Protocol migration can be handled by reserved keys ³__protocol_version__²
> and ³__protocol_modes__².  The former would just be a version identifier.
> The latter, a bitmap with 1 for ASCII and 2 for BINARY, &c.  Next major
> release would support versions 1 & 2 of the protocol and both ASCII and
> BINARY.  The release after that could drop version 1.  I think we'll always
> want to have support for ASCII.

Agree... ASCII is very useful for debugging, and getting community support
for new client libraries out quickly, but I really want to see a binary
protocol so the C clients don't look so painful.

Perhaps Facebook wants to host a little one-day (or less) memcached
Hackathon to spec out the protocol and start to get this implemented?

- Brad

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