bytes > limit_maxbytes and no evictions?

Steve Webb swebb at
Thu Jun 21 18:46:28 UTC 2007

Hey there.  I was running some tests (dev won't let me put memcached into 
production before I run tons of tests on it) and I overflowed the memcache 
memory size, but got a "bytes" number that's greater than the 
"limit_maxbytes" and also see no "evictions".

Anyone want to help me out understanding what's going on?

This machine is running the 1.2.2 version.

$ telnet qa02 11112
Connected to qa02.cluster (
Escape character is '^]'.
STAT pid 19089
STAT uptime 95249
STAT time 1182450670
STAT version 1.2.2
STAT pointer_size 32
STAT rusage_user 4.764275
STAT rusage_system 12.817051
STAT curr_items 13460
STAT total_items 168488
STAT bytes 5364950
STAT curr_connections 7
STAT total_connections 4318
STAT connection_structures 9
STAT cmd_get 943224
STAT cmd_set 168488
STAT get_hits 774737
STAT get_misses 168487
STAT evictions 0
STAT bytes_read 95203931
STAT bytes_written 217914778
STAT limit_maxbytes 5242880
STAT threads 4

- Steve

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