Is myspace using memcache?

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Mon Jun 25 15:05:03 UTC 2007

I've been contacted off-list and asked how you can change the Win32
memcached settings (port, memory ++) when installing as a service on
Win32. There is, as far as I could see, no way to do this at install
time, so I thought I'd share how to do it. 
To install as a service run it with "-d something", I can't remember,
but it is documented at
(seems to be down at the moment)


It is no problem to change memcached parameters in the Registry after
memcached is installed as a service, just change the registry settings
for the service, in
HKEY_Local_Machine/System/CurrentControlSet/Services/ memcached Server.
Change the ImagePath key to something like:

"C:\servers\memcached-1.2.1-win32\memcached.exe" -d runservice -p 11911
-l 192.168.xx.yyy -m 1024


And restart the service.

Those are my values, you should use your own preferred path, ports,
memory  and ip-addresses, of course.


Again, thank you for you efforts Kronuz and others involved, great

(Sorry for replying to myself.)     


- Tormod




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I'm lead web developer for the largest e-commerce shop in northern
Europe, Komplett, the largest shop is
<> , but we have shops in most northern European
languages, for example <>
. Our core platform is based on MS tech and we use memcached to cache
all our product info (as XML). Two Win32 memcached 1.2.1 instances with
1GB cache each, with about 700.000 items in each cache at any given
time. Yesterday we served about 1.2 million pages.


We've had no problems whatsoever with the Win32 1.2.1 memcached version
since we migrated to it a couple of months ago. At first we ran
memcached on a Debian box, then we tried a VMWare appliance (Hermes),
but Hermes crashed every 3-4 days with out of memory errors. The Debian
box worked great, but Operations wanted us over on a pure MS platform,
so we had to move it.


So I want to extend a big "thank you!" to everyone involved in the
memcached project and especially those porting it to Win32 and making
binaries available, you have a great project here and you run it well!


(Looking forward to a Win32 port of 1.2.2... :-) )


Let me know if you want to know anything more specific about our setup
and I'll try to answer.


Stats for one of our the memcached instances:

STAT pid 1416

STAT uptime 2423279

STAT time 1182422974

STAT version 1.2.1

STAT pointer_size 32

STAT curr_items 705009

STAT total_items 39480759

STAT bytes 926738402

STAT curr_connections 18

STAT total_connections 9200

STAT connection_structures 33

STAT cmd_get 78236757

STAT cmd_set 39494602

STAT get_hits 32477725

STAT get_misses 45759032

STAT bytes_read 85847203931

STAT bytes_written 55015095083

STAT limit_maxbytes 1073741824



- Tormod Hystad,
Web developer, Komplett




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Yup, thanks mike, I couldn't agree more.  Facebook is just awesome.  I
only really asked about myspace because I know they are a microsoft shop
and therefore another website that is MS technology based using memcache
would help just as much.  Thinking on it now I should have posed the
question: What MS Tech based companies are using memcache? 

I love memcached myself, it is so easy and powerful.  And yes I
appreciate Steve's posts about Facebook and how they are using
memcached, the information is very helpful.

I've got the win32 binaries working with the .NET client tools from the
danga website.  It all looks to work just as good as the *nix versions,
does anyone have any experiences to the contrary? 

thanks again!

On 6/20/07, mike <mike503 at> wrote:

On 6/20/07, KevinImNotSpacey <kevin.amerson at> wrote:
> I recently joined a .NET shop and we're looking at large scale
websites on
> MS platforms and what technologies they're using to scale out their 
> websites.  Myspace was at the top of the list for .NET sites.  Any
> are greatly appreciated.

myspace should not be used as a technical model for anything.

imho, with as much capital as they should be able to use, the 
inconsistent and completely buggy interface is uncalled for -
especially going on for this many years.

facebook would be a much better model. not only is their site clean,
consistent, (and uses memcached i might add) but they expose APIs now 
and seem to generally know their technical stuff. exposing APIs in my
mind is the next step when you have successfully been able to please
users with your frontend interface. (some people may disagree, saying
APIs are nice because other people can make their own interfaces and
you don't have to change yours)

to me myspace was built not to scale properly and ever since has been
struggling to do anything to support the load. i mean come on - it 
started with coldfusion. did they really expect to be one of the
busiest sites on the net starting with that? :)

i really don't think they've put in enough funding or the proper
resources from what it seems like, unless they have a secret 
completely rewritten version in the works.

not only does facebook use memcached, but steve is one of the most
active posters it seems and him/the team he works with has made
numerous improvements and i'm quite sure runs one of the largest (if 
not the largest) memcached clusters anyone has ever claimed that i
have seen.


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