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Mon Jun 25 15:33:46 UTC 2007

Seems like this is a pretty common question on the mailing list.  Are you
guys going to throw a HOWTO / Wiki out there anytime soon?  Maybe it'd save
a lot of usage questions, and probably be a more thorough answer for

I'm no different though, I'm still on the next phase of planning memcache
integration.  It's definitely a challenge to try and map an RDMS to a hash
environment.  They don't really jibba-jabba well together.  You have to
one-by-one implement a separate variable storage after pulling from the
database with a specific query, or implement some layer on top of memcache
to try and do some of the logic for you.   We have 230 tables and millions
of lines of code, the latter seems much more attractive.

In light of the FUSE conversations earlier, I had the thought of maybe
ripping out the backend on SQLite <> and
hooking it into memcache.  That, or since SQLite uses plain ol' flat files,
using the FUSE mounted filesystem as the middle layer between SQLite and
memcache, which results in a nice little SQL interface to the caching
system.  That makes it just a few little baby steps on implementing an
implicit caching environment.  (With the cost of added layers, and most
likely a space-hungry usage of memcache vs. doing it manually)

What do you guys think?


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> Chris Miller wrote:
> > My question is simple: How can memcached help me?
> My response got kind of long, so I just put it in a blog post.  Its
> similar to what others have said.
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