load values into a memcache

Cahill, Earl ecahill at corp.untd.com
Wed Mar 7 22:00:28 UTC 2007

I would suggest you hit the database and fill the cache only as requests
come in.  If you have some notion of high-trafficked keys, you could
perhaps warm the cache appropriately.

If a given key gets a ton of hits, it will quickly be in the cache.  If
a given key gets no hits, well, why would you want it in the cache?



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Hello all

In my understanding, to load keys and values into memcache, I first have
to connect to the memcache from server as it is empty. I then add (set)
keys and values (for example - data from database) into this memcache.

My question is: how I can load all those values from my database into
memcache when the server is first started. That means, when the server
started, all my keys and values are also loaded in this memcache. And
there is any problem with this ?

It can be done by configuration? Could you please help

Many thanks

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