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Mon Mar 26 19:01:43 UTC 2007

On 26 Mar 2007, at 8:35 PM, dormando wrote:

>> +1
>> Also, am I missing something, or is the repository and faq not linked
>> to from the main page at Danga?  Is there even an "official" faq?
>> - Rob
> Insanity! That's correct.
> - this is the only  
> wiki memcache wiki I can find, and it's still pretty bare. It has a  
> small FAQ Ask started if you're curious.
> The site also doesn't link to at all.  
> I think Brad needs to be around to update it though?
> Amusing :)
> -Dormando

I've added that update to my TODO list.  I've linked the mailing  
lists to the main memcached page.  The svn url is located on the  
danga homepage.  It may make sense to slightly reorganise the  
memcached pages to explain how to get a development snapshot from on the downloads page.


Jacques Marneweck

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