Memory management

Jure Petrovic fonz at
Tue Mar 27 07:36:24 UTC 2007

Yes, I've noticed that when "memcached -vv" showed totally 
different slab classes than it should according to 
Brad Fitzpatrick's "Distributed caching with Memcached."

Do you think that packing memory would not be a problem
performance-wise? What if the system is under constant (heavy)

>From what I've seen, memory utilization is very good. Especially,
if you don't have to manage (pack) it, knowing it just won't 
get fragmented beyond certain point.

Thank you, Steven, for theral explanation :-)

> It is much 
> better now than it used to be; originally memcached used a simple 
> powers-of-two sizing strategy for items (each item is called a "slab 
> class" internally), but now it uses a powers-of-n strategy where 1 < n. 

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