sources of cpu usage (was Re: Memory management)

Paul G paul-lists at
Wed Mar 28 00:04:16 UTC 2007

Steven Grimm wrote:
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> As a sample data
> point, as I write this, one of our typical memcached instances is
> serving about 37,000 requests a second and is eating under 20% of the
> CPU capacity of the 4-core box it's running on.
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as a side question, what parts of memcached cause the most cpu usage in your 
experience? i wouldn't expect it to be the hashing, as even
gcc, as bad as it is for such things, outputs half decent code for bob 
jenkins' hash. my guess would be the request parsing and rhe response 
building, possibly the mallocs in the request processing path as well iirc.. 
any pointers would be much appreciated, even if you feel inclined to 
top-post them ;]


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