Largest production memcached install?

Steve Grimm sgrimm at
Thu May 3 21:01:07 UTC 2007

We rebuild from the database. We have enough memcached servers that losing
one has a relatively small effect on our cache hit rate. Not to say there¹s
no effect -- our DB load spikes up for a little while when we lose a
memcached server -- but we build out our infrastructure such that even at
peak load, repopulating an empty memcached instance or two doesn¹t slow
things down noticeably for the users.


On 5/3/07 12:23 PM, "Murty Chittivenkata" <murty at> wrote:

> Steve,
> are you replicating the hash data to hotspares or rebuilding in the event of
> failure from backend database?
> Thanks
> Murty
>>> We have a home-built management and monitoring system that keeps  track of
>>> all our servers, both memcached and other custom backend stuff. Some  of our
>>> other backend services are written memcached-style with fully
>>> interchangeable instances; for such services, the monitoring system knows
>>> how  to take a hot spare and swap it into place when a live server has a
>>> failure.  When one of our memcached servers dies, a replacement is always up
>>> and running  in under a minute.

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