Largest production memcached install?

Paul Querna chip at
Thu May 3 23:00:51 UTC 2007

Cal Heldenbrand wrote:
> Steve,
> Just curious what are the OS load averages on your database servers? 
> Have you expanded facebook to the point where losing most of the
> memcache servers would cause your entire application to grind to a halt?
> During my initial thoughts on integrating memcache into our product, I
> could see it eventually becoming a crutch and we wouldn't have enough
> database hardware to support the application anymore.  I wonder if
> that's a good thing or a bad thing?

Its a bad thing, to be in a situation where your database cannot handle
several memcache failures, or even a reset of a significant number
during low-load.

But the solution is: don't scale the database hardware, partition your
data into smaller sets.

The presentations on LiveJournal's architecture cover this type of

(Look at how they do 'user db clusters')


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