Largest production memcached install?

Florian Laws Florian.Laws at
Mon May 7 08:28:18 UTC 2007

Am Freitag, 4. Mai 2007 11:07 schrieb Paul Lindner:
> We're also using memcache as a write-back cache for transient data.
> Data is written to memcache, then queued to the DB where it's
> eventually written to long-term storage.  The effect is dramatic --
> heavy write spikes are greatly diminished and we get predictable
> response times.

This sounds interesting.
Can you please tell a bit more about how to implement this
without falling into the "how can I get a list of all keys" trap?

Do you just store the data in memcached and have a separate queue
that contains the keys to be written to the DB?



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