no_rehash param in perl API

josh rotenberg joshrotenberg at
Mon May 7 22:12:34 UTC 2007

The client hashes your keys to distribute cache items across the
servers you've told it about.  If you instantiate your
Cache::Memcached object with mutliple servers and set no_rehash to 1,
the client won't try to find a new place for a cache item if one of
those servers goes away in the meantime, and the call will instead

On 5/7/07, Andrew Velikoredchanin <andy at> wrote:
> In docs from CPAN I read this:
> "Use no_rehash to disable finding a new memcached server when one goes
> down. Your application may or may not need this, depending on your
> expirations and key usage."
> But I don't undestend - what difference when I set no_rehash=1 or
> no_rehash=0? How work Cache::Memcached with this values?
> Thanks.

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